Dare to Look Inside Your Heart

heartIt’s easy to go about our day from one activity to another. The alarm clock goes off and the day begins. Day in and day out. The weeks bleed into months and the months into years. Good times. Challenging times. The years go by faster and faster it seems the older we get. Busy with our daily lives – whether it be work or play – it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters…what really matters to the deepest depth of our heart and soul.

At one time in our life we may have heard those soul whispers. That quiet voice. Maybe as a kid when innocently playing and day dreaming about ‘what we wanted to be when we grew up.’ Or, when we played ‘make believe’.

Over the years, it’s easy for those early soul whispers and dreams to get covered up, buried, lost. Pushed back further and further into the recesses of our mind. Hoping they would stay there. For if they were to come forward….if we were to pay attention to them…oh my. Then what would happen? What choices might we make? What might we do differently if we could ‘do it over again?’

What whispers keep nagging you? Keep lurking in the corner of your mind? What “…if onlys” keep haunting you?

Take a few moments to let those whispers or even nagging shouts arise.

I invite you to sit back. Yep. Right now. Sit back and just think a bit. Let your mind wander. Drop the thoughts of “I have to… or… I gotta get this done” for now. They’ll be there when you’re done. You’ll only be a few minutes. Sit back and just relax. Allow yourself to dwell in the land of possibilities and ‘what ifs…

Just let your mind drift and let it imagine. Let your heart speak to you. Listen. Take a mental note or jot down the thoughts that arise.

If you need help with day dreaming, you can play the “What if” game. Simply end the sentence with…
“Wouldn’t it be nice if…”). Keep going until you have about 10 statements.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if… I could travel more?
“Wouldn’t it be nice if… I did work that I loved?
“Wouldn’t it be nice if… I had a less stressful life?
“Wouldn’t it be nice if… I had time to have more fun?

If nothing happens, don’t worry or get frustrated. Sometimes it takes practice. Yes – we’re so accustomed to thinking, to getting things done, etc., that our imagination muscle might be a bit weak.

Or, fears may arise. Negative thoughts may arise and dampen those dreams. Don’t let them.
Just let your dreams arise and float by. Enjoy them. Enjoy how you feel as you imagine the possibilities.
When you feel complete with your dreaming exercise, jot down some thoughts and ideas that came to mind. Don’t edit them. Just simply note them

Start paying attention to what your heart tells you. Listen. Learn. Trust. No worries. You don’t need to act. Not now. Just indulge in the luxury of simply listening to your heart. How beautiful. How comforting. You may want to start a dreaming journal – just somewhere to put down your ideas and dreams.

Take a few minutes periodically…even in the midst of a busy day…just to sit back and relax. Let your dreams arise. Let yourself awaken to possibilities.

Dwell for a bit in the land of possibilities where dreams can and do come true.

So…You might be thinking…Why is daydreaming beneficial? I’ll cover this in the next post.

Until then, happy dreaming!